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Ibrahim Sharif
Sep 16, 2020
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Amazon web service is a platform that offers flexible, reliable, scalable, easy-to-use and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. AWS offers Analytics, Application Integration, Blockchain, Business Applications, Compute, Containers, Customer Engagement, Database, Developer Tools, End User Computing, Front-End & Mobile, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Management & Governance, Media Services, Networking & Content Delivery, Serverless, Storage & Security services.

The team here at United Developers Network are always ready to help Business Owners, Individuals, Shop Owners and Enterprises to build infrastructures on AWS Cloud Ecosystem.


  • Moving from traditional servers to cloud service.
  • Building serverless websites.
  • Email marketing setup and automation using Amazon Simple Email Services.
  • Transactional Emails through Amazon IP Pools.
  • Building Ecommerce in AWS Cloud.
  • Continuous API delivery.
  • Securing Servers in AWS.
  • Load Balancing the existing infrastructures.
  • Maintaining existing services.
  • and many more services.

  1. We will need AWS account access by IAM. {Sometimes root user access is required}
  2. Possible causes of disturbance.
  3. Expected Resolution details.
  4. All other credentials regarding the apps, services or facilities.
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